The main mission of CCPG is to reduce the prevalence and impact of problem and pathological gambling on individuals, families and society. CCPG strives to accomplish this mission through the following programs and services:

Problem Gambling Helpline

1-888-789-7777: Confidential, toll-free, 24 hour assistance for problem gamblers and their families in CT. For more information about the Problem Gambling Helpline, click here.

Public Awareness and Prevention Education

  • Information disseminated to all media outlets.
  • Lectures and seminars available to non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, and other community groups.
  • Senior Center Presentations
  • High School Presentations for students and faculty upon request.
  • Booths manned for local and statewide Health Fairs/Conferences targeting a variety of audiences including youth, seniors, women and the workplace.

Information Clearinghouse

Education and research materials available for family members, students, professionals and other individuals and groups. Click here for more information.

  • Brochures and fact sheets focusing on topics such as youth gambling, college campus gambling, senior gambling and coping as a family member of a gambler
  • Education videos highlighting college and youth gambling, as well as videos focusing on problem gambling and its impact on the general population
  • Public Service Announcements

Professional Training

Training opportunities in Problem Gambling Prevention available to health and human service professionals. CCPG provides training for:

  • Casino Employees
  • Clinicians of various disciplines including: adolescence, substance abuse, marriage and family, and problem gambling
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • CCPG Annual Conference – click here for details.

Upon request, conference workshops are available.

School Services

Curriculum and program development, presentations, educational materials and other requested services. Contact CCPG for more information.

  • Participation in Youth Awareness Days through health fair booths, presentations and problem gambling education materials, such as brochures, fact sheets and videos
  • Consult available for inclusion of problem gambling curriculum in current classroom curricula
  • Program development for Student Assistance Teams and other student or faculty run groups

Legislative and Public Policy

Collaboration with other local and statewide organizations to seek legislative support to fund programs and develop public policies aimed at minimizing problem and pathological gambling in Connecticut.

Maintain presence at Legislative Office Building to educate legislators about the issues of problem gambling in Connecticut.


Research studies conducted on critical issues in the problem gambling arena, with a focus on high-risk populations such as adolescents, senior citizens, women and substance abusers.

Business/Workplace Services

Education and consultation services to the gaming industry and various other corporations/businesses across Connecticut. Services CCPG can provide include:

  • Educational materials regarding workplace gambling
  • Presentations to all employees about the impact of problem gambling in the workplace, the warning signs of problem gambling, and treatment options available in Connecticut for problem gamblers.
  • Training sessions to help employees recognize the warning signs and treatment options for problem gambling

Please contact the CCPG office at 860-664-3996 or email us at for more information on any of our Programs and Services.