Marvin A. Steinberg, Ph.D.

Steinberg-headDr. Steinberg was the principal founder of the CT Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) in 1980 and at that time initiated the Council’s affiliation with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), becoming its first state affiliate.

Dr. Steinberg was the primary advocate for legislation in CT to create the first state funded and operated problem gambling treatment program in the nation, now named Problem Gambling Services, a program at the CT Department of Mental Health Addiction Services. Dr. Steinberg provided clinical training and consultation to the staff of the treatment program during its first two years of service (1981-1982).

Representing the Council, Dr. Steinberg collaborated on a number of problem gambling research projects with faculty of Yale University’s Department of Psychiatry, including development of an instrument based on official psychiatric criteria for pathological gambling which assists clinicians by structuring the diagnostic interview.

Dr. Steinberg has also contributed significantly to the development of Responsible Gambling Programs in the gaming industry and in raising funds from the industry in support of CCPG and NCPG programs.  Dr. Steinberg created a screen to identify problem gambling in the financial markets. The Securities and Exchange Commission website provides a link to the screen on CCPG’s website.

Dr. Steinberg served for twenty-five years either on the NCPG’s Advisory Board or Board of Directors, served terms as Vice President and Secretary of the NCPG Board and was a member of the Certification Board that developed standards for the certification of problem gambling counselors.

Recognized as a pioneer in the problem gambling field, Dr. Steinberg has received state, regional and national awards for his contributions to the field of problem gambling.  Dr. Steinberg was the recipient of the Monsignor Joseph Dunne Award (previously the Goldman Award) at the NCPG’s annual conference in 1996.  In 2011, Dr. Steinberg received the Dr. Robert Custer Lifetime Achievement Award at NCPG’s National Conference.  Very few individuals in the field have been honored with NCPS’s two major awards for extraordinary contributions to the field, named after the founding fathers of the problem gambling field.

Under Dr. Steinberg’s leadership, the dedicated competent staff of the Council, with the full supports of the Board of Directors, conducted innovated programs which consistently earned recognition on a national level.